Why staying up to date with certifications is important

Last year I decided it was time to “check myself” on the latest TIA 942 Data Center Standards and enrolled in a very comprehensive BICSI class called the BICSI data center design (Standard BICSI 001), and passed a very comprehensive exam covering all data center design topics.  My certification for completing the program is here!  – DC110 Data Center Design Program – Completion Certificate[1]  Staying sharp for a heads down project is more than just focusing on the  project timeline, it’s knowing what you’re doing.  Of course I’ll never know ALL of it, but I aspire to get there.  Power, cooling, security, cabling – all of those major elements are critical in planning for capacity in a data center, but what’s just as important is to always ensure you’re never losing the big picture.  So while I value my technical training in designing and building a data center I must never lose sight of the architecture questions and just exactly what is trying to be accomplished.  For example:  Instead of immediately installing a new PDU or expanding the UPS, when was the last audit done for existing server infrastructure?  Just how many VMs have zero to little utilization?  If we just do some cherry picking it’s often possible to reduce load and power consumption by very large numbers – I’ve seen as high as 50% (and more).  So the lesson there is to clean house first, then review expansion options!


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