Buying used oil….

As I was preparing for my breakfast last week with Mark Stone, Chief Information Officer of Safety Kleen, I decided to do a little research on the company itself.  While I knew they were involved in “disposing” of petroleum products and chemicals I had no idea they were so involved in green earth technology.  This local Dallas / Fort Worth company “re”refines used motor oil.  Here are some really interesting statistics:  Last year there were 200 million gallons of used oil and oil products improperly disposed of and introduced into the environment.  The report indicated that’s about 20 times the amount spilled by Exxon Valdez!  Think about that, it sure makes the re-refining proposition pretty compelling.  There are 3.7 billion gallons of used oil each year, and plenty of impact on our environment,  plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money helping Mother Earth.

Safety Kleen has a “closed loop” motor oil “re” refiner that produces one quart of certified oil out of one quart of used oil – yes, 100% reuse!  Compare that against 42 gallons of raw crude producing only 1 gallon of newly refined oil!  They collect used oil for 1/4 of a million oil changing and service outlets.  The oil is tested and meets or exceeds the North American standards.  Wow, I felt that was pretty impressive for a company, deep in the heart of petroleum Texas :)  It does make you wonder, can you not use motor oil up?  We’re so used to “consuming” products, one would think you could not just keep re-refining, but hey, smart people out there figure this stuff out.  Safety Kleen calls their re-refined motor oil “ECO POWER” – good name.  I have to admit it has compelled me to try it out – let’s find out!

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