“Chill out!” – Good advice in a stressful world!

I read a really good blog today and had to pass it on. It was written by Peter Bregman, read it here:

The cliff’s notes version is something you probably intuitively already know, but the examples he gives are golden. When deciding at work or play to become angry, try to give it a little analysis first. How does the situation rate on a scale of 1 to 10? Maybe before-hand, like now for instance when you’re calm – come up with some real situations that you would consider real stress, and put a number on those. Maybe even memorize your relative scale. Then when a situation smacks you simply line it up on the scale.

Peter does a great job of presenting some practical knowledge, and I’m going to work on my own list. I may refine it, but I’ll go out on a limb and start out publicly. Ok, here we go…. Stress levels created in order of intensity:

1 – My mandolin is not immediately available for play
2 – My car is not easily accessible
3 – The solicitors attack me at my door
4 – My iPhone battery loses its charge at 4 pm
5 – Sirius/XM radio charges me $15 to remove the account from the car I just sold and transfer to the car I just bought
6 – Go to the doctor for a checkup
7 – Go to the dentist and fill a cavity
8 – Knee surgery because I forgot to slide
9 – Gasoline at $7 a gallon
10 -Home destroyed by Tornado

… oh but wait… what happened here? Where is the apocalyptic event? What about death? What about…

So many bad things and not enough numbers – get the idea? So rewind now to # 1 or # 2, maybe #3 and #4 – I guess now they all seem like 0 or sharing the 1 spot. Sometimes we really don’t realize that all of our modern-day blessings raise the bar of our expectations, and in reality we really shouldn’t expect they will work when they should or that we’re entitled when we’re not. Good advice Peter, keep up the good words!

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