I wish I got paid by the acronym….

As a consultant that old quip is used often in my daily vernacular.  Or, “I wish I got paid by the number of pages I produce!”

As a CIO, CTO or Director of I.T. you’ve joked about the same – you’ve known for a long time now that part of your job is actually to lessen the over-use of acronyms with your executive staff.  Let’s be honest, we’re human and we’re proud of what we do, our deep knowledge of systems and how to make them work for us.  It’s only natural that SaaS flows off of our tongue “as smooth as silk” flows at home.

As an independent consultant for the last several years I guess I’ve really always known that over use of technical language has side effects – they  include:

  • Confusion
  • Loss of the central point
  • An “abstract of perceived separation” between I.T. and the core of what makes the business tick

Did you like the last one?  It was a good one if I do say so myself – I should get paid for it!  What I meant was, the more techno mumbo jumbo we deliver to the business the more likely we are to be perceived as caught up in our weeds and not so much in understanding how the business makes money.

Whether you are a W2 CIO or a 1099 consultant, we will always provide much more value to the business by translating our technical jungle openly to the business as a process, without the acronyms.  We should be communicating our inputs, our general process flow and our outputs – or, our VALUE to the business.  If we’re not doing that it’s only a matter of time that the business will become frustrated, even if you know in your heart that your group is doing a bang-up job.

I encourage you all to think about how you can start drawing rectangles around your functions and turn them into processes that can readily attributed to supporting the revenue.  Don’t forget the metrics!!  Did I say, don’t forget the metrics?  Laurie Grace interviewed me about that subject.  Check out the two videos in a four part series at http://www.RunThisProject.com .


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