Can DFW SIM provide legislative comments on the Communications Act of 1996 update?

Good morning, DFW-SIM members. This morning a house subcommittee began the review and probable major rework of the Communications Act of 1934 (rewrite 1996). It is ironic this effort began on the heels of the recent judicial decision on net neutrality and the role of the FCC on many of these matters.

The subcommittee and the FCC have requested comments from ALL interested parties. I think that every single SIM member has quite a lot at stake in how the modified Communications ACT will look. I hope we all agree that we must that ensure competition, consumer protection and fostering innovation should be the most important components in ANY rewrite of the Communications ACT. Folks, there are major broadband industries who will want to influence this update to their advantage.  Many of these goals would absolutely be counter to the goals and interests of the consuming public, including private enterprise. We must not let that happen.

SIM Dallas should provide a letter with rational comments. We don’t have to make it ridiculously exhaustive, but of all people, WE should be heard.  Agree?  Would anyone like to join me in writing an opinion and getting our local body to get behind it?  PS: I noted Joe Barton is on this subcommittee, maybe we could have a direct connection into this process and be sure we’re heard.

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