The Keystone Pipeline, what’s the truth?

The Keystone Pipeline: Will give the US 22,000 high paying jobs (not minimum wage) for contractors to build it, plus another 22,000 jobs to support it. That’s 44,000 jobs. It’s time to stop playing politics, this is serious. We are all frustrated that we don’t seem to know the truth, that every issue is complicated. Yet, it isn’t complicated, we are just hearing spin (or lies depending on your positivity index). So I did my own research. I tried to double source, and if I got any of it (materially) wrong please send me an email or comment on the blog, and I’ll post it and correct the message.

The Keystone pipeline is big for Texas and Oklahoma:   (NPR is left leaning by the way).

The only reason Obama is still holding out is because Tom Steyer is holding hostage his $100 million donation to Democrats. Is this true? Apparently:  Check out Politico:

Here’s a second source confirming:

Tom’s true colors are also being questioned as far as motives but to be fair I haven’t found more on that, but more importantly, who cares – he’s wrong. The jobs will move to Canada and Asia if we don’t act.

There you go, hopefully there is enough true evidence here to convince all my friends, regardless of which way you lean that this is in our best interests. China WILL buy the oil, and if Obama doesn’t act very soon the US will lose out on thousands of high paying jobs!

Last note – Obama plays politics by claiming it’s not that many jobs – but he’s mincing words, and it doesn’t matter, because YOU are smarter than that, and YOU know what this is all about – JOBS!

– Patrick

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