Cloud Computing Project Management

Cloud computing decisions should be based on sound ROI and strategic reasoning, just like any other tool in your aresenal.

Did you know that a major factor influencing your organization to change a process or create a new product is the ability for the internal organization to modify current systems? Simply put, the basic timeline has built in delay due to constraints in human or systems resources.

These current processes must be reviewed before deploying Cloud because much of the built in delay can be eliminated. Implementing Cloud before reviewing current critical business process will guarantee that the built-in delay remains. Cloud has unique characterists that actually enable the development team to reduce their workload. Your expectation should be that devOps will deploy the applications quicker and with less error. Your expectation should also be that your support staff will become much more familiar with the business itself.

We should start with the basics: your critical processes and applications. Cloud computing projects should follow a process review. As a matter of fact, any infrastructure change should follow a process reveiw. If the current process is more than a year old it’s unlikely that it’s still efficient. Rework the process then pick the tool.

RunThisProject is uniquely experienced in helping your organization evaluate the current applications and if they would be suited for Cloud. The only science involved is straight up financial and operational analysis. We’ll help by looking at your current I.T. spend and comparing it to the option of Cloud as an alternative. We’ll then evaluate the pros and cons of Cloud as the tool.

Our analysis will often result in a recommendation for a hybrid approach, with the two biggest factors being cost and agility. Your organization must be able to adopt to new and unforseen competition. That’s why choosing Cloud as a tool should be based on an application by application analysis and definitely not as an immediate enterprise solution.

Why is process review so critical as a first step? Simply put, we wouldn’t want to automate a step that can be eliminated. Any current step that can be simplified pays huge dividends because it minimizes the difficulty in implementing a new tool, including Cloud.

Once Cloud is in your solution set you’ll need some help with working it in to the day to day processes of your technology team. The development and operations (DevOps) deployment process will greatly improve if Cloud is done well, by design. Not adapting those processes will actually make Cloud less attractive, both financially and operationally.

We can help you ensure your transition to partial or full Cloud solutions will be succesful and result in a clear advantage to your business.