Business Process Improvement

Re-Engineer Your Business Processes with Workflow Modeling!

The Effect of Introducing New Technology

You wouldn’t order custom chairs before selecting the table, right?  Rolling out a new CRM, ERP or even a SharePoint system without a business process review and optimization of your current processes is loaded with pitfalls.  Our consulting service will improve your current business processes from start to finish, and ultimately the subsequent deployment or enhancement of a CRM or ERP system will virtually be a guaranteed success.

The Art of Workflow Modeling (psssst….it’s not software!)

Our consulting service will find your source of delays, expenditures of unnecessary human and system resources, and recommend a highly optimized solution.  You’ve seen expensive BPM software, but our tried and true BPM process is fast, inexpensive and will deliver a solution that makes sense.  Software does not have the cognitive ability to match up the most fruitful alternatives as compared to an experienced BPM business analyst with C-Level systems background.  As we review the current scenario and work up the alternatives we are mindful of capabilities and limitations of I.T. & I.S. personnel, roles and responsibilities.

Whether you are a frustrated CEO/COO because you just can’t seem to get the software or services you need in the time that you need it, or whether you’re a CIO and you are hampered because the business side of the firm won’t spend the time to identify improvement opportunities; we can help!

Example 1:  The company sales team, marketing, implementation and support have their own self serving systems to support their processes.  The same information is collected, again and again, from the same customer without regard to how this makes the organization look or how much it slows down installation.  Further, there is certain information that if gathered quickly and “fast-tracked” to a database analyst or development resource would save a MONTH or more of delivery time.

Example 2:  Your Information Technology organization has a highly toned development process and they report amazing efficiencies and results with each development team; but, their methodology doesn’t normally deliver a complete result and is highly iterative.  Is this appropriate for ALL of your services, products and internal needs?  It may make sense to identify certain scenarios that should be treated separately and pulled out of the mainstream development process, especially if the result is faster new customer conversion and expedited revenue.

The deliverables:

  • Phase 1:  Full “Current” Process Discovery & Documentation
  • Phase 2:  Assumptions Challenging Stage (current infrastructure, sacred cows)
  • Phase 3:  Collaborative development of an optimized solution
  • Optional Phase 4:  Implementation Assistance (or project management)

Call (972) 897-2726 to learn more and we’d be thrilled to sit down and step you through one of our recent projects.  We use principles derived from proven structured systems analysis and modeling techniques.

We PROMISE to deliver the mutually agreed upon work plan!