Interim CIO or Director Service

Trust us to temporarily run your Infrastructure Team during the transition!

  • Review of critical I.T. Contracts and Staffing (Service contracts, Cloud computing, SaaS, etc.)
  • Review and compare critical SLAs to performance and expectations
  • Rebuild staffing and infrastructure, as approved
  • Set the new leadership up for success and allow him/her to hit the ground running!
  • Make approved changes identified in gap analysis

Periods during key personnel changes are critical to your organization.  Will the incoming guardian inherit the service level objectives you would like?  Do you want to take advantage of the change in leadership and reset the expectations of your internal I.T. department?  Interim CIO or interim director service can save weeks and months of preparation for your incoming leader.  Additionally we can provide a quick review of the critical areas that need to keep moving during the transition.  Are the correct tape backups happening?  Are they being audited?  Do the data center resources have capacity while changes are being made?  What are your current risk areas, especially during leadership transition?

When your new CIO or director arrives he or she must balance a new level of trust with the staff while getting to the bottom of the current risks and exposures.  His or her ability to obtain the answers and resolutions in a short time are limited.  An interim CIO or interim Director is expected to drive to the answers to critical questions very quickly.  Reviewing for exposures and risks to the business is the top priority.  Our consulting service will focus on the health of the infrastructure and the critical areas that must be protected or shored up during the transition.  This will set your new leader up with the highest chance for success.  He or she will come in with the benefit of full documentation and changes made for the short term.

Our consulting service examines the mission critical areas and compares the service levels to what can be obtained with other sources.

“Interim CIO Service” Ccomponents/Tasks:

  • Review/Improve data center and operational exposures
  • Review I.T. staffing, propose changes needed and implement changes approved
  • Review infrastructure, propose changes needed and implement changes approved
  • Review vendor/supplier contracts, propose changes needed and implement changes approved
  • Review/Improve service level objectives for alignment to business objectives, make approved changes

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We PROMISE to deliver the mutually agreed upon work plan!