I.T. Contract Review and Negotiation

Start with this analysis before you spend another dime on Infrastructure or sign a new contract!

I.T. Contract Negotiation Service

Before your company embarks on signing another expensive services contract, ask yourself:

Do you or your staff actually have the time to fully cover all the critical contractual areas needed during the negotiation period?

We find it critical to spend quality time on any infrastructure or service contract.  Often there is misunderstanding between I.T. and the executive offices in terms of the software and service contracts and the results they produce.  Our Contract Review & Negotiation Service can typically recommend a fresh approach with performance improvements and substantial cost reductions.

If a WAN, software or infrastructure contract is more than 12 months old it’s time for a strategic refresh.  These contracts are built with “performance” service level agreements (SLAs).  Prices are normally aligned with the SLAs and linked to the cost of the service.  Whether the service is delivered to your own data center or to a rented facility (collocation), substantial cost savings are available with a Contract Review and Renegotiation.

“I.T. Contract Negotiation” Components/Tasks:

  • Gather business goals and current objectives of 3rd party services
  • Collect all direct costs for the contracts under review
  • Rate the current performance of your contracts and vendors
  • Contrast current configuration to recommended contract strategy
  • Plan and implement agreed upon course of action
  • Negotiate new contracts with suppliers

The deliverables:

  • Full analysis detailing the current performance of the 3rd party service, compared to the contract
  • Report on executive staff expectations for service contracts
  • Current service level agreements (SLA) and/or customer expectations
  • Current expenditures on services (whether delivered to your own data center or a rented facility)
    • Operational Expenditures (OpEx) related to infrastructure, software
    • WAN expenses
    • Support staff
    • Penalties paid or financial losses suffered
  • A report recommending what new approaches are available and what savings can be expected
  • Project Plan detailing steps from agreed upon remediation plan
  • Project management of agreed upon plan

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