Performance Detective Service

Let us take ownership of your “thorny” and complex performance issues!

Performance Detective Service

From time to time the Information Technology staff becomes bombarded with too many projects.  Each group will dig into these projects in a “head’s down” approach.  While this is understandable there can be a delay in remediating performance issues that require collaboration between several I.T. departments.

Our “Performance Detective Service” will document the issue and build a rapid troubleshooting & remediation plan.

  • Is it the network?
  • Is it the database server?
  • Is it a “hung query”?
  • Is it a bad parameter in the HBA card?
  • Is there a problem with the code?
  • Is it the application server?
  • Is it the web server?

The list is endless and solving the problem in a tense environment is often very challenging.  Our consulting service utilizes a “tried and true” logical approach to problem definition.  We take a true/false “Boolean” chart methodology as an effective tool to narrow in on the root cause(s).  In order to document the root cause swiftly we will first make the distinction between true service level and performance issues compared to perceptions by customers, executives and support staff.

The deliverables:

  • Full documentation of the root causes, symptoms, measurements and performance degradation
  • Recommendation as to effectively measuring the performance prior to any change
  • Recommendation towards remediating the root causes
    • May include a project plan
    • May include a project budget
  • Recommendation for changes to process or change management between I.T. teams
  • Project manage the approved changes needed to solve the issue, once and for all

Call (972) 897-2726 to find out how we offer a solid approach to narrowing the gap between perception and root causes.  Our service can help your company rapidly fix any thorny performance problem!

We PROMISE to deliver the mutually agreed upon work plan!