“Project Rescue” Service

Before sinking more cost into that stalled project, consider “Project Rescue”

Project Rescue Service Overview

Before your company embarks on spending more money on a stalled infrastructure or development project, consider turning it over to our consulting service.

If your key players can no longer identify a fixed date to complete the project or the project continues to miss date after date it’s time for fresh project management!

We often find well meaning personnel sometimes “out prioritize” a project to the point where it never completes.  Too often there are so many other competing projects that even the most important project can suffer.  Generally this happens when multiple organizations depend upon each other and can’t coordinate around the other priorities.  Our “Project Rescue Service” will recommend a fresh approach with a brand new project plan and regain executive buy-in.

If your project management group is missing completion dates then it’s time to outsource the project.  We will document the barriers and escalate at the appropriate levels, and at the appropriate time.  The key attribute to our success is the agreement that major roadblocks encountered on the critical path can be dealt with by outsourcing, but only when internal staff are “out-prioritized” on a competing project.

“Project Rescue Service” components/tasks:

  • Gather business goals and current constraints of the project under review
  • Recast the project into a new project plan and adjust the plan according to what has changed since it started
  • Gather reconstituted executive buy-in
  • Gather commitment to all resources listed in the plan
  • Manage the project through the life cycle
  • Report progress, escalate gaps and adjust according to agreed upon acceptable tolerance

The deliverables:

  • New project plan, agreed upon by executive and management team
  • Renewed project mission statement, assumptions and goals/targets to the business
  • Weekly updates to the execution of the project plan
  • If any critical path stalls, suggested micro outsourcing options resourced by our company

Call (972) 897-2726 to find out how our company can get that stalled project back on track and return credibility to your organization!

We PROMISE to deliver the mutually agreed upon work plan!