Software Development Project Management

Successful Application Development begins with a detailed statement of the business opportunity and a rigorous definition of the proper technology solution.

Application Development Project Definition, Planning, Management, and Delivery Overview

Whether your company has a new business opportunity, a problem requiring a technology solution, a new project that needs planning and management or a project in which you’d like a second opinion; our consulting services can help!

Our history in the business will provide you the critical project expertise to supplement your existing application development team.  From project planning to execution, your team could benefit from our core discipline and deliver your solution on-time.

“Application Development Project” Components/Tasks:
  • Business opportunity statement development.  Our team can take the lead role in determining the business requirements, the revenue or expense savings opportunities, the functions involved and the key players.
  • Technical solution possibilities.  We will locate existing vendor solutions available and perform a functional feature gap and cost analysis.  Alternately, our service can baseline the required feature-set and determine if it will require a “build from scratch solution”.  If so we will help you locate the appropriate technologies.
  • Project Planning and Management Approach.  We will work with your team on your preferred software development methodology.  Whether your company prefers Waterfall or Agile we will develop the plan and budget.  Additionally we will either assist or develop the approach for Senior Management approval and ongoing progress reporting.
  • People resource planning.  We will help you determine if the right resources are readily available.  If net incremental resources are needed, we will recommend where they may be obtained and what expense optimization strategies are available.  We have extensive experience in utilizing temporary contractors, rural sourcing and off-shoring.
  • Project Change Management. As change management will make or break a project, we will ensure success by vigorously defining how changes in business requirements or technical design are handled.
  • Project Management. Our team will provide you with rigorous management of the project plan and ongoing communication of progress and status to business customers and I.T. management.
  • Implementation and post implementation support.  Our consulting service will provide the planning for all elements of implementation such as resources and support.

First deliverables:

  • A full analysis of the business opportunity and development of a plan to define the appropriate technology solution.
  • A recommendation on next steps and how to initiate the program properly with no lag time.
  • Upon project acceptance we will go right to work building the project plan and begin to deliver results ON SCHEDULE!

Call (972) 897-2726 to find out how our consulting services can help with your business opportunity!

We PROMISE to deliver the mutually agreed upon work plan!