“With testimonials like these, what are you waiting for?”


“Independent consultants are often a pain because they’re so good at pointing out everything your organization is doing incorrectly. While Patrick excels in this area, he also excels in formulating an intelligent set of remediations for your organization’s woes, and in maintaining a non-adversarial relationship with your organization’s staff. One of his signature tactics is to stimulate team introspection, and then to shepherd the team into formulating, owning and implementing solutions of their own. These team-conceived ideas are often derivatives of Patrick’s advice to the team, which is of a high quality, thanks to Patrick’s years of IT experience. By the time his engagement is complete, the team is motivated, rather than beaten down. I would recommend Patrick to any IT executives with to do lists for their organizations that are too long to promptly address; Patrick can help!”

April 13, 2011
Jim Smith
Senior Vice President
Software Development at PDX Inc.

“Patrick assisted PDX in meaningful and impactful ways. His process, problem management, quality management, business process modeling and performance metric work brought critical focus on areas the firm was able to improve upon. Product stability improved and product deployment in the last year improved due to incorporating many of these ideas. I heartily recommend Patrick for any organization desiring to improve quality and accountability to I.T. service or development organizations.”

Louis Martinez